Jun 8, 2009

The Bee Sting.

So, I feel the need to let everyone know that I was stung by a bee. Who gets stung by a bee anymore? I haven't heard of this since I was like 7. But anyways, there I was, floating in the pool, minding my own business. I had Glamour in my left hand, catching up on a little reading, and a perfect strawberry daiquiri in my right hand. It was nearly perfect, when all of a sudden a bee decided my daiquiri also looked mighty tasty. That bee must have gotten confused, because I don't think he ever got any of the daiquiri, but he sure did sting the heck out of my arm. I looked down just in time to see that little meanie fly away, my arm throbbing in pain. I told all the girls what had just happened, but no one seemed too concerned. Well ladies...look who now has spent the entire day with benadryl and a band aid on her arm. Me. It has been Miz. It is itching like crazy. Note to self girls-drink your daiquiris fast as not to attract these little devils!

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