May 20, 2009

Same Team, Different Bride!

Ok-It is official. I have no time to do anything anymore. I knew that April-July were going to be crazy with showers, bachelorette parties, and weddings, but i had no idea it was going to be this crazy! I got back from Chicago celebrating Miss Sara Deal's last nights out as a single lady on Sunday, and literally just had time to unpack my stuff today. It is Wednesday. So my apologies for the blogging hiatus of FIFTEEN days. Yikes.

Anyway, Sara's bachelorette party was AMAZING. Fourteen of us went to Chicago for the entire weekend and pretty much took over. We had a blast Friday night at this interactive drinking/comedy show called "Bye Bye Liver" and it was hysterical. The future Misses Jones made it onstage ; ) priceless. She looked absolutely beautiful all weekend, she was glowing!! I am so lucky to have this beautiful lady in my life, we have been through everything together for TEN YEARS now! I cannot, absolutely cannot believe she is getting married in a month. It is going to fly by. I am so happy and excited for your Sara!!

Here are some pics for all of you from the weekend. I didn't have my camera (I know party foul!) so i couldn't be the paparazzi like normal, I had to steal cameras when I could ; ). We made the most adorable shirts for Friday night. Courtesy of Lila J of course!
*Sidenote: I totally failed to mention my Jessica Simpson hair extensions that I tested out on Saturday night. I did the side pony. I LOVED having long locks! It is so fun to pretend. What do you think??
Absolutely Beautiful Bride
I am off this weekend to Chicago again to party with Mo, and for my cousins Bachelorette party, then next weekend is Molly and Griffin's wedding. Hopefully I will have time to touch in during all the CRAZINESS!!

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