May 21, 2009

The "Mo Po"

This is why I love Maureen. I get an email today that says "OMG the Mo Po as gone global, or Hollywood at least, which is basically the same thing! I LOVE IT!" followed by this pic of my IDOL herself, Carrie, sporting the most beautiful 'Mo Po' I have ever seen.

For those of you who do not know Mo, she has been rocking what we have termed the 'Mo Po' ever since she was old enough to curl her hair for soccer practice. Enough said. The 'Mo Po' is the most perfectly beautiful poufy pony anyone has ever seen-some of you may confuse a true Mo Po with a 'bump it'-do not be fooled, Maureen is au naturelle. Anyways, Mo's pony's are always fabulous! And how gorgeous does Miss Carrie look?? Obsessed. Love her.

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