Apr 22, 2009


1. I found this lovely store, I am sure you have heard of it...DWS Shoes. Well, it is new to Lex and it is fabulous. Here is a pair I bought last night. JSimpson of course. Aren't they great for spring? I have them on with tan pants and a cream sheer blouse today but I was thinking how cute they would be with a white skirt and baby blue cardigan...thoughts? 2. I am leaving for Florida on Thursday around 2 a.m. I have not even started packing. I am currently creating an excel document for myself to pack from. I will keep this on file, and print off whenever I am traveling. Great thing to do at work am I right? Organization is key.

3. I am expecting a special delivery today...guesses on what this might be?

4. Today is Administrative Professionals Day. I feel so loved. I have received two cards and tulips. Aren't they pretty!
5. How precious is my friend Adam's niece? I absolutely LOVE babies, and this little baby is the most BEAUTIFUL baby I have ever seen. Isn't she y'all? Just look at the expression!!


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