Apr 8, 2009

The Elle Woods Easter Egg


Today at work I was told that we would be having an Easter egg decorating contest. Not real eggs mind you- but an egg drawing. You were only allowed to use things that were found in the office. Luckily for me, I had some pink tissue paper, some pink ribbon, and some mini flashing lights (lights left over from Christmas of course) that helped me to create this beautiful masterpiece. Please enjoy.

It is kind of hard to see the flashing lights in the pic, but don't worry, they're there. Egg judging will commence on Friday, keep your fingers crossed ladies-a Starbucks gift card is at hand.

Note- I did feel slightly like Elle Woods-sorority girl in the workplace- when i whipped up this Little creation-but we will get into my theory about Corporate American not being ready for the smart, stylish, fabulous young lady another day.

Gotta run now, I am about to find out who is getting kicked off idol!! Hope you enjoyed my Easter creation!


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