I started this blog 5 years ago during a really weird time in my life. It quickly became something so much more than I ever imagined, and to me, it was my little escape, my little way to be creative, my little voice, my little place to say and do whatever I wanted-MY blog. Blogging has been challenging for me lately. It is no secret that I just haven't had as much time to put into it. And you know what,  that is ok…life happens. My life is changing and evolving constantly. it has changed drastically over the past year alone--I started a business (while still maintaining my day job), I bought a house, I decided it was a good idea to get into a lawsuit (story for another day!!)….so 99% of the time I am just trying to keep all the balls in the air—and IT.IS.HARD. 

I was in Florida last week with some of my lifelong friends, and we started talking about my blog. I told them how I had really been struggling with it, how I had been questioning if it was still the right thing for me, confessed that I just wasn't getting as much out of it as I once was, expressed the feelings of "guilt" that I felt that I hadn't been able to put as much time as I wanted to into it, etc. etc. That same day I also saw Casey Wiegand's post in response to "The American Blogger Controversy" and it just made me so sad—that this blogging community that I have loved being a part of for so long, could yet again be so cruel at the same time. It just made me question all of it, and why we do it. 

But then last night I was reminded WHY blogging is important, and why I ever fell in love with it in the first place. Yesterday, the highly anticipated and much discussed film, American Blogger, was released. I didn’t have one free minute until 10 pm to actually sit down and watch it, but as soon as my last client left, I grabbed Sadie and glass of wine, and downloaded the movie. I was so excited, and yet so nervous too--I mean the likelihood that I said something absolutely stupid was high-this I was certain. 

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Having gotten to know Casey and Chris Wiegand, I should have known that this film was going to be incredibly touching. I was not prepared, however,  for the absolutely sweet sincerity and love that this project was made with. Chris is incredibly, incredibly talented. I cannot imagine how many hours and how much of his resources went into this. Time away from his family, time spent editing 5,000 minutes of film—he did such a great job. The film is so moving-I cried twice, not kidding, haha! It is well done, and tells great stories. Some of the ladies in the film I know, and some of them I don't-but you better believe I am going to get to know them!

I am proud to be  apart of this, and thankful that blogging has given me so  much these past five years! I don't know how long this will remain a part of my life, or what is going to happen-but right now this is something I am not ready to let go of just yet-I think some things are changing…and I am excited to see what happens. 

You can purchase the film here, I promise you won't be disappointed. I told Chris and Casey that if anyone, after actually sitting down and watching this film, and understanding the intent and care behind it, still has something negative to say, that I will personally deliver flaming poo bags to their doorsteps. ;)

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my blogging journey, you have no idea what you have given me!

Oh yeah-some disclaimers about my appearances in the film. 

one- Good gracious almighty, the fat right side of my face, ha!! This was the week I got a parotid stone in my face!! My FACE people! Google it, its terrifying. I looked like a cabbage patch kid. Oy vey. 

two- Yes, I realize that my logo is not ACTUALLY Sadie, I misspoke. It is her likeness ;) just to get that out in the open, ha!

I think that's it...yeah that's all I got. 

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American Blogger Trailer Released!

Do you remember last summer, filmmaker Chris Wiegand {Casey's husband!!} stopped in KY on his journey across the country, filming for his documentary American Blogger?? You can read more about the project, and his time in KY here

WELL, I have been anxiously awaiting the release ever since, and am excited to share that the trailer has been completed!! It looks SO good! I am excited, and nervous all at the same time, surely I said something ridiculously stupid at some point, HA! But I am excited for him, as this is such an awesome accomplishment. 

I am not in the trailer, but he did say everyone was in the movie at some point (it looks like around 50 bloggers!) so we shall see! You can see the other bloggers included on the American Blogger website here

And here is the beautifully done trailer! I think my favorite part is Chris's wife Casey, and their little angel baby laughing and snuggling, it is just so sweet! 

Well done Chris! I am beyond excited to see the film! Congrats one finishing such a big project, and thank you for letting me be a teeny part of it!! 

I will keep you all posted with details on a release date, coming very soon! 

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Kentucky Girls Turnin' 30!

Thank goodness I look good in royal blue. LOL. No but seriously, what if your team colors were super unfortunate? You would have to stomach it and pretend you actually like wearing that heinous shade all season long! Thanks UK, thanks. 

Saturday night we celebrated my friend Jennifer's 30th, and a CATS win! It was pretty nuts. We reserved the top floor at Belles (my Bourbon Review boys, semi-recently-new bar!) and camped out until game time. 
{the top is from Bluetique, appropriately!}
{he's gonna make fun of me for posting this, but I think he looks so cute! My little studly boyfriend man, intently watching the game}
Poofs for the thirty year old {sidenote: I can't believe we all turn 30 this year. YIKES}! 
 What winning looks like... I love this pic of sis and Matt! 
 I am 99% sure that we won because I wore my lucky Kentucky State necklace from Southern Belle Glitz.
That sounds plausible right?

Got it on for tonight's game too! Isn't it so cute? I met Natalie, the owner of Southern Belle Glitz, during a photo shoot with Brandi Kristina Photography. She is insanely precious, like I want to put her in my pocket and taker her everywhere. Definitely check out her stuff!

oh, and GO CATS! ;)

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Modern Takes on Vintage Classics

If I could pick one time period to be, I would pick the 40s. I am such a sucker for all things vintage, and in my mind, everyone was running around looking like Evelyn from Pearl Harbor, or Allie from the Notebook, my favorite big screen 40s princesses. 
I mean do you not just swoon at the soft curls and red lips? There is just something so romantic about the time period. It makes me think of my grandparents, and how they were falling in love, back when things were so much sweeter and everyone was more naive. I would give ANYTHING to be a fly on the wall and watch it all happen!  

Speaking of grandparents, I keep this sweet picture of my nana holding my mom on my dresser, I love it so much. She was the definition of beautiful.
Not only was she beautiful, but she was smart too. She met my papa in med school (yeah girlfriend was in med school) and they married in 1946. So sweet. I have this pic in my closet also, it makes me so happy! 
But back to what I was trying to get at, the past two weekends I have gotten to do hair and makeup for two engagement shoots, both styled with vintage elements.

The first shoot was with one of my clients named Haley. Bestill my heart, she was like my very own  little Evelyn. Haley, you are perfect, and Alicia, your pics are ridiculously gorgeous, per usual! {Haley's pics below are from Aesthetiica Photography}
Are you not dying?? jaw.dropping. I love those pics so much! So thankful I got to be a teeny part of it! Thanks Alicia, and Haley for showcasing my work so beautifully!


The Second shoot was with my sis! We took it back a couple decades, to more of a 20's inspired look and feel. A la the Great Gatsby if you will (so hot right now).

I took a nod from some of these ladies, and did a modern finger wave kind of look.

We got up and started makeup and hair at 5, yes FIVE in the morning, in order to catch the morning sunrise! Sis was a champ, and just let me do what I wanted. It was good for  my creative spirits. It was freezing out, so we had to cuddle for lipstick application. Luckily our good friend, and photographer of glitter, Claire {Claire Marie Photo}, was there to capture all of the shenanigans. That would be Dana on the left, just dominating some candle arrangement.

Becky, what does it feel like to have such an entourage?
{ps the sweatshirt I am wearing is my new fav, and from The Southern Sewcialite, more deets to come!}

After we got all set up, and lipsticked to perfection....this magic happened... {images Claire Marie Photo}

SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Sissy you are beyond gorgeous, I love this pic of you and Matt, you look so incredibly happy! 

Becky's dress is a Reem Acra, that she and Claire rented from Rent the Runway. Her headband is one of my Pink Pewter ones (that I still have not put on the website, oopsie! email me if interested!!) Is this shot not gorgeous? Great job Claire, that light is so dreamy!
I need more, I need more!! haha, can't wait to see the rest from sis' engagement sesh. Just wanted to share some of these amazing pictures from some of my recent work.

I'll be off watching Pearl Harbor now...

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That one time, when Danielle Bradbery told me she liked my hair...

Sis and I went to the Hunter Hayes concert Thursday night, and ladies-let me just tell you-it was SO GOOD!!

We both rocked a Pink Pewter headband from my extensive collection (it's begun to be a problem!!) I just got a HUGE shipment in and can't wait to get them posted on the PLL Design Studio website!! We sold our entire stock the first time without even posting them online, so crazy! Hoping to have some time tomorrow (time? wait, what is time?)

But anyhoo, back to the concert. 

Dan+Shay (19 You and Me) and Danielle Bradbery opened up. Dan+Shay did a fab cover of Bruno Mars Just the Way You Are, and Danielle didn't hit a bad note, for real {latest country girl crush}.

Look at tiny precious! I just want to put her in my pocket. 
We got really excited when we found out that we were going to get to meet her!!

{can't you tell how excited we are}...
but then we got really sad when they told us we couldn't take pictures. Thinking that surely they can't be serious, I instructed sis to go ahead and sneak a phone pic anyway. 

She was denied, and this is my only pic with Danielle, LOL. #FAIL
You can totally tell we are besties though, look at us just laughing at sis getting camera shot down. LOL
 This was right after she said to me (and I quote) "I LOVE your hair!!!" I about died. Thanks girl, I love your hair too. ;) 

Hunter Hayes was incredible as well. I am not sure how I didn't know this, but I had NO idea he was such a talented guitar player. If you get the chance you need to get tickets for the We're Not Invisible Tour. It was really cool being at the first ever show of the tour, everyone was so sweet and so excited to be on stage, you could tell. I somehow caught this precious moment of Hunter Hayes wrapping up his first single Wanted and it was so cute how he just dropped to his knees. Love him!

And that concludes, the time Danielle Bradbery told me she liked my hair. LOL. 

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My Home-Updated

I wanted to share some pics of my home as of late, mainly the living room area, because there have been some changes! I closed on my house over a year ago now, and it is STILL a work in progress.

Everything I previously had in my living room (which you can see here!) was swiped from my parents basement, and was always temporary until I figured out what I wanted. {All of it is for sale... FYI!}

Well I wanted a big comfy couch, where Sadie and I could post up and watch hours of Scandal (so good!!) and I finally found the one I wanted, which came from of all places, Value City Furniture! I got it for a fantastic deal, so it was a no brainer. 
{coffee table is still temporary, I want a big tufted ottoman} 
Sadie literally doesn't move from her spot on the corner. She is going to ruin it, but how ca you say no to a face like that?? {ps that pug pillow is from etsy}
Coffee table is filled with some pretties-mainly shiny things and flowers...
and some light reading ;)
I am also obsessed with my bar stools. I think I have posted some pics before but I am not sure. I got them at Marshall's for $129 a piece, which is pretty good in the land of upholstered bar stools, lemme tell ya. 
I love them!! Sadie somehow likes to hop up on them too, haven't figured that one out yet. 

It's progress, people, progress. ;) Maybe one day I will have everything finished and the way I want it, probably just in time to change it again!! 

If you are looking for furniture, don't count Value City Furniture out, they have some really nice stuff these days! I also scour the likes of Home Goods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Overstock.com. Gotta love finding things for a deal! 


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Origami Owl Bracelets!

Surely you have heard of Origami Owl, yes? 

They are most known for their living lockets, which allow you to create personalized pieces of jewelry to tell your story! 

Well, they have come out with living locket bracelets too! And I just LOVE! 

I got the gold dangle bracelet (7" one). Here is a close up of my locket, filled with things that mean something to me, and help tell my story. You can mix and match almost anything, from the chain, to the locket, to all the different charms to help create your own unique piece of jewelry. 
Completes the arm candy party quite well, I believe. 
The other really cool thing about Origami Owl is the story behind the brand. I am all about lady entrepreneurs, and found it so interesting that the company was started by a 14 year old, with $350 and a dream of having a car for her 16th birthday! How cool is that?? 
Now it is a multimillion dollar company. Who knew?? Now why can't I think of something like that?? ;) 

You can see the entire collection through my friend Holly's website here, or you an email her directly at holly.janicki@gmail.com! I think these would be such a cute gift for bridesmaids. You could do each individual birthstone, initial, and whatever else you thought was fitting. 

Just wanted to share! I love my bracelet, and have gotten so many compliments on it! 

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Hunter Hayes kicks off "We're Not Invisible" tour-WANNA GO?!?

Remember when I went to Carrie's concert, and got to sit 3rd row? And remember when she looked right at me? ;) 
Well that is not the point here, the point is while I was at her concert, I also took a liking to Hunter Hayes, who happened to be opening for her! He was so great!

see, here he is!
So, speaking of Hunter Hayes, I wanted to let you all know that he is kicking off his "We're Not Invisible" tour next Thursday, and I will be going!! YAY, I am so excited!! 
Have you all heard his song Invisible? He performed it recently at the Grammys, you can check it our here.

It is about staying strong in the face of adversity, and not being afraid to be different. Hunter's mission with the tour is to challenge people to be seen and heard--no one is invisible. 
I have learned so much more through this blog than I EVER imagined-Most importantly it has allowed me to have a voice, and to be heard! Weather it be telling you exactly how to get the most volume out of your hair, or to help spread the word on more important issues--like helping wittle precious babies with their health struggles--this blog is my way to be heard!

So who wants to join me at his concert on Thursday?! It is in Pikeville, sis and I will be heading there and staying with my Aunt. I am so excited!! AND-Danielle Bradbery is opening for him! I LOVE her!! Dare I say she is the  new Carrie...? ;) haha

Here is a schedule of the upcoming We're Not Invisible Tour Dates:

March 20 Pikeville, KY
March 21 Huntington, WV
March 22 Youngstown, OH
March 27 Peoria, IL
March 28 Toledo, OH
April 10 Memphis, TN
April 11 Cape Girardeau, MO
April 12 Springfield, MO
April 17 Huntsville, AL
April 18 Roanoke, VA
April 19 Asheville, NC
April 23 Colorado Springs, CO
April 24 Salt Lake City, UT
May 1 Bangor, ME
May 2 Boston, MA
May 3 Uncasville, CT
May 29 Augusta, GA
May 30 Pensacola, FL
May 31 Estero, FL
For on-sales and more, visit his website, on Facebookand follow Hunter on Twitter.

If you want to win a pair of tickets to go, just share this post and leave me a comment telling me where you shared it! {please include your email if it is not linked to your blogger account, thanks!!}

I am so excited! Can't wait to see Hunter Hayes!! But what will I WEAR?? haha.