The Southern Sewcialite

I feel it is my duty to share with you when I find new favorites, and The Southern Sewcialite is one of them!! 

First of all, can we talk about how adorable Kara is?? She is the owner and monogramming maven behind The Southern Sewcialite. She is just precious--check out that vintage Louis! 

(photo credit: Lang Thomas Photography)

She is also a Kentucky girl ;)

Well sweet Kara sent me some items to try out, and I absolutely love them all. This monogrammed sweatshirt is hands down my favorite sweatshirt I have ever had. It is lightweight, the sleeves are cut smaller, and it is SO soft. It also has zippers on the side that are super flattering, and give it such a cute fit. And how cute is the tiny burlap clutch?? It is the perfect size for phone, lipstick and the necessities.

I seriously live in this sweatshirt. 
{pardon the messy closet...stocking up for sissy's bachelorette party!}

She also sent this nautical racerback tank with front and back monograms. Love the fit, can't wait to wear it in Hawaii next week!

 Here are some more pics I swiped from The Southern Sewcialite facebook page so you can see some more of the fab items she has in stock. I think the clutches would make such a great gift, and only $15 are you kidding me?!

If you can find it, she can monogram it! I would recommend her items to anyone! She is super speedy, everything comes beautifully packaged with love, and her prices are amazing! Definitely check out The Southern Sewcialite on facebook!

Thanks Kara for my most favorite sweatshirt in the whole world. Happy Shopping!!

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Hawaii countdown is ON!

Last spring, when my tinniest sister Hannah graduated from college, and moved her tiny self all the way to Hawaii  (fiancĂ© in tow) we all cried our eyes out. 
{look how cute she was!!}

But then we realized that just meant that we could start planning a trip to HAWAII!! Well, that trip is now upon us friends, we leave next week! 
It is a weird feeling, I have only seen my sister once in a YEAR!! That is so bizarre, and so strange. I can't wait to hop off the plane and hug her!! 

The whole fam damily is going...

Mom and Dad...
Me and boyfriend...
Sis and Matt...
and even Matt's parents and brother!! 

It's like real life Modern Family goes to Hawaii! 
{ladies to my knowledge the bro is till single... I repeat, single ;) }

I can't wait to visit Hannah and Ben in their natural habitat, it sure looks like they have been having a terrible time. 

I am beyond anticipation at this point. It can't get here fast enough! Except yes it can, because I am still waiting on a bathing suit top to get here. Common' vickies

They have been having some pretty awesome sales, I swiped both of these little numbers last week for a nice price.

1 / 2

However they don't look exactly like that on me... hmm.

I have never been to Hawaii, and I am so looking forward to a break and to recharge. Have you been? Are there things we must do?? I am sure sis will keep us plenty busy, but I would love to hear your Hawaii "musts"!!

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To cut...or not to cut.

The struggle is real. 

I have been trying to grow my hair out for the past two years. My sweet hair dresser just sighs and says "alright" when I tell her I don't want to cut it for two appointments to try and let it grow a bit. You see, she knows as well as I do that we will be chopping it just when it gets long enough to really be a functional mullet. 

I have said it time and time again, I have the thinnest, finest hair in all the land. Don't be fooled-you are use to seeing me with some form of extensions in… always. Down, high buns, messy side buns, you name it-that ain't real. Sister needs help, from some clip ins. You would be appalled at my hair in a bun without my extensions. In fact… allow me to show you. 

Exhibit A:

help from extensions, all of 'em. 
Exhibit B: 

alllll natural. It is so sad! it truly is! ha.

So I think it is time, to cut the hairs. (Don't get scared, nothing crazy, just something shorter that works better for my type of hair, so I can actually wear it down sans extensions!) 

I posted these two highly pinned pics on instagram the other day and got some mixed reviews...mainly cut YES, color NO. ha. 

I DO want some more low lights...I think it is time. My  hair has been super blonde for so long, I think people are use to seeing me that way, but I want some darker blonde in there, and some more dimension. And let's get serious... I am not going to make it that dark...Brittney would never let me!! 

I think something in this family of blonde is only a little darker than it is now, and quite doable. 

I think I will be happier overall in the summer, having it shorter so I can style it cute and messy without it looking so stringy like it does now. AND-I can still put extensions in when I want to wear it up, because that is a necessity. High buns may be out for awhile... but hey Vanity Fair told me they were "out" already...ha! 

{I disagree, I still love high buns.}

I will keep you posted. Going the 16th right before we leave for Hawaii... eeep!!

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Sweating for the Wedding!

Since we were just talking about sis' upcoming wedding (2 months out, cue anxiety!) I wanted to let you Lexington ladies know about a promotion that my cousin's gym is running-Sweating for the Wedding! 

And yes, PinkLouLou Design Studio also teamed up with LiveWELL Training Club to offer special rates to all of YOU lovely brides!! 

I am so proud of my gorgeous cousin and her hubby for starting such an awesome training facility! I spy one of my July brides below--and she has clearly been sweating for the wedding-looking good ladies!

Here is a commercial for LiveWELL that I saw this morning when I was getting ready, which reminded me I had meaning to post this for some time (where is my assistant?)! Good work team, looks awesome!! 

From the LiveWELL website: 

"We have put an enormous amount of time researching and educating ourselves about the absolute best way to get people results. Through training and personal experience, we have discovered that rogue weight-lifting techniques are not a long-term answer to health and well-being. Neither is simply jumping on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day. Functional training is the best answer for feeling, looking and living well. We saw a need for a training club in Lexington that offered memberships—so that people can really commit to getting healthy without the hefty price tag of one-on-one personal training. We offer the most scientifically proven training methods in a fun and energetic atmosphere that is all about achieving results."

LiveWELL offers 30 day trial memberships, and you can stay up to date with special promotions and offers on their facebook page here! Definitely check it out! 

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Sissy Wedding Update!

Whoever said wedding planning was fun is lying to you...and I am not even the one planning the wedding!! But sis is, and let me just tell you, it's overwhelming. 

I feel like there are 100 things I should be doing to help her--yet I don't even know where to begin. Just gimme a list, Beck! I have ordered my bridesmaids dress, and booked the bachelorette party (houseboat, fourth of July woop woop!!) but that is about as far as I have gotten. She has done a good job of being organized, so at least that makes one of us!
{how gorgeous is her save the date, above?!}

She and Matt did their engagement pics a month or two ago with Claire Marie Photo, and I just thought they turned out so beautiful!! You can see Claire's full post on the shoot here!

She is getting married August 23 (holy moly that is so close!!) in Louisville, KY. She and Matt chose the Frazier Museum for it's killer rooftop ceremony spot. It is SO gorgeous! (all pics from the Frazier Museum website
The reception will be in the 4th floor loft, which has these beautiful windows and lots of exposed brick. 
We love it :) 

She also has other big things booked like the photographer, and the videographer! Photographing the day will be my favorite hubby and wife duo...Claire Marie Photo!! Aren't they the cutest? We love them.

Reel Special will be doing the video, and I am SO excited!! You have to check out their wedding videos, they are so great. I have gotten to work with them a couple times and they are so talented. Hey wait a minute, they are husband and wife too! I just love that.
As far as decor and things go... I think Pinterest is as far as we have gotten. HA! She wants lots of gold, and to recreate this fancy chandelier thingy. 

And YES she does have her dress! It should be in any day, but it looks just like this one...
Clearly I kid. 

I am personally more excited to talk about how we will style her hair. I am hoping she will be up for a nice headpiece a la Celine Dion. No?

Now that is aggressive. 

Wish us luck... two and a half months out and there is so much to do!! Where the heck is Franck when you need him?

Oh how I wish he was real.

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